we will always be friends


So nup I'm not ready to be back and actively run a round yet :C Uni's still killing me atm


(If there's anyone still here LOL) Does anyone want me to post a friending meme or something similar? I'd love to get to know everyone in this community...so? (Here I'll give you a poll it's easier that way)

Friending meme?

reporting for duty!


Okay so I had hoped to be able to run a round in Feb but I don't think I'll have the time to do that. Uni starts in March and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to run a round here :c So at this point, most likely, there won't be another round until June/July. I'm so sorry guys ;A;

In the meantime though, battlesdrawn is a new community for battles using animated works, go check it out!

reporting for duty!


So as those of you who follow me on twitter will probably know, I just got a new laptop and with setting eberythin up/transfering my stuff, I haven't quite finished coding up the voting post. As it is, it will most likely be up tomorrow afternoon. As long as voting is not up, you can still submit your entries for the 10in20~

These people have yet to submit:

applepips16, damsiedam, kasumisukimix, lu_hesperia & nna_chan