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Thanks to all those that submitted we got 11/19 lovely icons this challenge! Challenge here for your reference.
Skipping: angelamaria, cool_spectrum, dashberlin, erinae, erisnx, lazuli_reikou, sodomizingjack & vai_rin

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

Please use this form:

#1: Please vote for your THREE favourites and TWO least favourites
#2: Positive votes ARE weighted (i.e. order DOES matter)
#3: Negative votes ARE NOT weighted (i.e. order DOES NOT matter), each negative vote is minus one point
#4: Voting itself give participants ONE point
#5: Reasons MUST be given for negative votes, please be as subjective as possible. There is also a guide here (by chacusha) that may help you with this.
#6: ONE additional point may be gained by giving TWO additional concrits (aside from the ones that must be given)
#7: Do not vote for yourself, get your friends to vote for you or use clone accounts.

on Thursday 13th May 10PM (countdown)

The challenge post will be up tomorrow morning. I've been trying to upload the icons/textures for the post for an hour and it's just not happening :c
Tags: !challenge 4, &voting, ~round 2
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