August 30th, 2013

we will always be friends


Drop some feedback here please~ Not too many questions I need for you guys to answer but it'll be great if you left a comment with something C:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this round overall?

2. Which challenge was your favourite challenge?
3. Which challenge was your least favourite challenge?
4. What could be improved about the challenge/inspiration posts themselves?

5. So in this round we went back to adding the votes each maker received to their total score as well as points for placing (so 5pts for first, 4pts for second etc.). Was the other way of counting points better (only those who placed received points - again 5pts for first, 4pts for second etc.)? Which one would you prefer? Or is there another system you would prefer we use?
(Personally, I prefer the second system as it leads to less skewing of points but what do you guys think?)

6. Any other comments??

Okay, this might also be a good time for me to announce that I'll be going into a (hopefully) short SEMI-HIATUS. I should be up and going again by the beginning of next year. While I'll be unable to host any rounds here at am-r, would anyone be interested if I posted so icon friending memes and small things like that?