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11 19 14(no subject)
we will always be friends

So I'll probably have a bit of time to run a round in the following weeks/months WHO'S STILL AROUND AND UP FOR A AM-R ROUND???? it'll either run through dec (into jan) or through jan (into feb). let me know what people prefer!!

ALSO thanks to jess i've somehow gotten the idea into my head we should run a love live themed round. y/n???
08 16 14 - PIMP
we will always be friends
SO I'm super busy with uni and everything so no round until probably Nov or later :C (which sucks because I HAVE IDEAS) but in the meantime katy's awesome and running this themed animanga battle so like go check it out guys! :3

SIGN UP HERE @ hunters_chance
we will always be friends
Wow so um I'm glad there are still some people around the requests post for those that joined in late :3 This is just a round up of all the icons that have popped up by now (you are, of course, welcome to keep posting :3).

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06 14 14 - REMINDER
we will always be friends
Remember we still have our request post going!! There's a bunch of requests there at the moment waiting to be filled! Or pop your name down and play some of our little games :3

Join in!
06 03 14 - HI GUYS
we will always be friends
SO I KIND OF DISAPPEARED FOR A FEW MONTHS I'M SORRRRRY. HOW HAS EVERYONE BEEEEEEEN??? But you know what? Exams are coming up at the end of the month and you know what that means right??? PROCRASINATION TIME.

Okay, but seriously I'm not going to have time to run a full on round until at least mid-July (and even then I'm not sure I have the time x.x) but I was thinking of posting a sorta request thread thing (heavily modeled off vintagic's icon games section of this friending meme).

...So anyone still around? Anyone up for it? :3
03 16 14(no subject)
we will always be friends
So our friending meme is up and running, come over and join the fun!!

Join in!

Also, anime20in20 is running an anniversary round, go check it out~

03 14 14 - FRIENDING MEME!
reporting for duty!


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